Financial Balances® is a member employee benefit that provides your employees with a one stop shop for all financial education, and consulting needs. Employees will have access to financial professionals for help with Retirement, Mortgage, Tax, Estate, Insurance and other types of financial needs.



  • Improves Corporate Image. Shows your employees you care, happier employees = happier customers.
  • Improves Employees Finances. Puts your employees in a better financial condition every year.
  • Reduces Turnover. With employees in an improving financial condition they will ask for raises less and not be looking for a new job.
  • Better Service. The happier your employees are the better service they will provide to your customers.
  • Increased Productivity. Happier employees means increased productivity.
  • Improved Revenues. Increased productivity means improved revenues.
  • High Value. Employees appreciate the benefit. Financial Balance makes financial planning and other programs available to your employees with one trusted source.The Financial Balance membership and account servicing Is provided to your corporation and your employees at no cost.
  • Consistent High Quality Service. Regular Visits from a Financial Balance Representative.
  • No Administration Required. Financial Balance handles all account administration and servicing.
  • Simple. All you do is put a survey in employees mailbox/paycheck, Financial Balance does the rest.
  • Educational Seminars and Presentations. If you request a group presentation of the benefit to be conducted on site one will be provided at no charge.As well as Social Security Planning, and other Financial education seminars.
  • Free Benefit. Never a cost to you or your employees for our employer sponsored plan.


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